Our Mission

Our challenge is to progressively engineer cutting edge growth strategies to allow us to exceed expectations. directINFLUX is a diversified media, management, and entertainment company with connections to music, videography, photography, web design, and philanthropy. We embrace every day with an ALL IN mindset.

Don’t ever compare your beginning to another person’s middle, we each have a journey, embrace it. 

Our Leadership.


CEO / Founder

Ryker is an artist manager based out of the Pacific Northwest. Prior to founding directINFLUX, she spent 4 years as a promoter and personal manager to a handful of artists in genres ranging from rock to indie pop. As directINFLUX began to form, the roster took a shift towards Hip-Hop. Being a queer black female, Ryker has always had to fight for a place at the table. This has given her a spirit of resilience, which shaped the cornerstones of her foundation. Ryker looks to be the levitator of the art and culture around her. Working primarily with up-and-coming talent, she focuses on identifying the why, constructing the brand story, audience building, and developing the mindset of the artist. Ryker stands out with her individualized marketing strategies that maximize progress and drive growth within the brands she works with. Ryker has assembled a dynamic and diverse team that aims to be disruptive not only in the PNW, but in the industry as a whole.


Cheif Operations Officer

Brayton comes from Bellevue Washington and embraced the life of an entrepreneur shortly after high school. Getting his start in sales and marketing, Brayton quickly transitioned and created his own lane. He began to develop his own market strategy efforts, advanced web development & campaign strategies, and fundamental growth tactics online & within social media. In 2018 Brayton moved to Spokane, WA to team up with Ryker and become Chief Operations Officer of directINFLUX. With his unique perspective, Brayton has been able to craft, and help coordinate, campaigns and strategies that are both advanced and competitive within the entertainment industry.