EDM Producer / DJ

Armed with a unique blend of hip-hop, bass and rock Daethstar has been making dance floors shake for more than a decade. A true believer in open format approach to music, his nomadic productions can be found across the musical landscape. Rock & Roll radio; absolutely. Spontaneous Hip-Hop cypher; you know it. Backstage at the Drag show; without a doubt. His business is making music, and business is good.

Oble Reed

Alternative Hip-Hop

Born and based in Seattle, Washington, Oblé Reed is a 21 year old mixed-race pop rap artist who has found himself in a lane of his own. His raw emotion and passion draws people in to hear what he has to say, and they leave with something more than a tune stuck in their head. That’s when he realized he was making more than just noise. Oblé’s ability to speak his mind, and portray his most inner thoughts, while keeping his language free of explicit material, has attracted many eyes. People such as SoundCloud, and music powerhouse Pharrell William’s multimedia creative collective, I_am_other. In 2021 Pharrell and his team curated a collaborative album, which included Oblé’s single “Loose Change”. He continues to release music with a message, drawing inspiration from the likes of J. Cole and Chance the Rapper, as well as newly established artists such as femdot. and Dominick Fike. Oblé has shaped his sound to fit the young world changer he aspires to be. With the intentionality in which he lives, there’s no doubt that there will be a lasting impact of his art.


Hip-Hop/R&B Artist

Elijah Kilborn, born in Connecticut, but grew up with his grandparents in Spokane, is a hip-hop artist that is breaking barriers both locally and regionally. Known to the music industry as Jango, he is a representation of what his moniker symbolizes, the pride for his black culture. Jango found a passion for rap at a young age freestyling as a kid with his younger brother. What began as a pastime for fun, transformed over the years into a career that he went on to pursue seriously.

Yung Crown

Host & Cannabis Personality

Yung Crown is “The Host That Smokes The Most”, and the life of the party in any situation. Known for a comedic style mixed with the high energy of a club host, Crown has positioned himself as a major cannabis influencer and public figure. His brand stays versatile as he continues to produce media content, designs fashion, and influences cannabis and entertainment culture. Yung Crown has hosted clubs, concerts, events, and birthdays, all through out Washington, Oregon, Canada, and Las Vegas. Whether you are experiencing his social media content, enjoying a live performance, or catch him in the community, Yung Crown has a commanding visual presence that always keeps his audience engaged.

All Day Trey

Sunshine Rapper

All Day Trey is a hip hop artist out of the PNW who’s upbeat lighthearted style of making music is sure to brighten up your day. Focusing on relatable themes such as mental health and correcting toxic behavior, Trey makes music anyone can resonate with. Having been involved in the Washington music scene since 2012 he has shared the stage with big names spanning from Lil Dicky, to Mac Miller, and Chris Webby. After being inactive since 2017, All Day Trey is back and better than ever and prepared to make waves! He is ready to change the way his music is felt with the creation of his self-proclaimed “Sunshine Rap” that capitalizes on his cheerful compositions. The sub-genre holds familiarity with chart-topping artist Super Duper Kyle with a twist of Trey’s own unique flavor. As his sound continues to develop I’m sure we can expect a lot more in the future.

Harry The Hooper

Alt Pop/Hip-Hop (Development Class)

Harris Hills is an Alt Pop singer, songwriter and producer out of Spokane, Washington. Growing up in the United Kingdom, Harris was heavily influenced by the sounds of British Rock, Punk & Grime music. His music explores many genres ranging from indie pop, alt rock, and hip hop. Harris is self produced on a majority of his songs as he has been producing since the age of 14, working with various Hip Hop artists.